In 3 words? A problem solver.
In many more words: If a problem exists, I will work hard to solve it. Sometimes to my detriment. Often times to my detriment. Most problems are easy to solve. But yet there is a tendency for influences to complicate things. Regardless, I never regret my attempt to solve problems.

Why blog?

Blogs are: “slightly therapeutic if anything” - A friend who says he will post a blog once a week but never does.

So if it is only slightly therapeutic, what other reason could there be?

  • I hope to be able to document my mentality and beliefs as I grow and age
  • The best way to flesh out an idea is to write (or speak it)
  • A low stress way to practice articulating my ideas
  • A way to share ideas to a broader audience

Document my life

I don’t take notes. I don’t keep a record of my existence. You might have noticed my full name is missing from this blog (let’s see how long that lasts.) I don’t keep old files and I don’t take many photos. I am not one of those people who hopes to one day squirrel away into a mountain and never be seen again. However, I do want to be able to control who knows what about me.

I can forsee many issues with this mentality if taken at face value. I know that my mentality on various topics changes as I learn new things. I pride myself in being a sponge. Just because I shift perspectives doesn’t mean my previous one was wrong. I want a way to subtly keep track of these changes without over documenting my life away. But the real goal of these blogs; to have a positive impact on people’s lives. That is my overall goal in life.

Flesh out and share my ideas

I often give advice to various people. There are a few key topics I come back on over and over again. Write code like ___, talk to this person like ~~~, don’t engage in ---. It would be nice to just be able to point to a place and then spend my energy helping them apply my idea; over conveying my idea.

The way I think is … different. Unique. Well, maybe not unique. But uncommon. I have strange perspectives on the world and like to share them sometimes. I also like to hear from other people and hear how they think and see the world. I hope this blog acts as a bridge to accomplish both of those things. Speaking of; email me if you have an interesting story to share (or just want to say hi.)

Ideas can be flawed. Ideas can also be poetic or insightful or even inspiring. But it takes time to build ideas. This blog is a place for me to develop my philosophies. Fleshed out ideas serve as a reference for digesting new concepts.

Share to a Larger Audience

I can only talk to so many people. But hopefully I can leverage the internet to become 1 degree closer to everyone. In turn, the influences of my work reaches more people. I can share my blogs. You can share my blogs. Even if my blogs become nothing more than a data point for some LLM; does that not mean I have eternalized my ideas into your language/knowledge model?

But what are My Goals?

I like solving problems. I like creating things. I like to help people. Maybe I can create some good blogs (articles?) that someone gains something from. These blogs will allow me to do all the things I like. Or at least that is my goal.

I hope you enjoy!

Reading I like

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